2011 Skull Artists

Heather Addley- “Bloodline”
Citizen Agent- “C-Note”
Kelly Alder- “Untitled”
Susanne Arnold- “Ruby Petal Skull”

Cake- “You Can Find It in my Mouth”
Bridget Camden- “Untitled”
Eric Collins- “What's Inside”
Ryan Cronin- “Skull with Wings”

Mike Egan- “The Skull of 77”
Courtney Elizabeth- “Enthropy Skull”

Meg Gandy- “Unloved”
Bridget Gethins- “Beaded Brain”
Sinead Giblin- “Cormac Ulfada”
Mim Golub- “United Skull of the World”
Dallas Graham- “Untitled ”
Sheila Gray- “Buggin Skulliness”

Adrien Hamilton- “Reliquary”
Kenny Hamilton- “Untitled”
Max Heinzel- “Atomic Caveman”
Tere Hernandez-Bonet- “Untitled”
Dolly Holmes- “Catacomb”
Chris Hulbert- “Milk & Sodapop”

Anne Jennings- “Brained Glass”
Fiona Jones- “El Jardin del Ray Muerto”
Nicole Jurain- “ Juxtaposition”

Jenny Kendler- “Vanitas (for Jan Van Huysum)”
Meena Khalili-Clifford- “Match Head”
Bizhan Khodabandeh- “But at Least it Existed”
Frank Kostek- “For the Love of Peace”
Chelsea Kostek- “Untitled”

Roman Zelgatas & Kristy Lee- “Livingston Skull”
Greig Leach- “John”
Christian Leaf- “Bloom”
Erich Lehman- “Mr. Sinister”
Matthew Lively- “Untitled”
Justin Lovorn- “Primitive Peace”

Karen Mullins- “Weekend at Bernie’s”

Angie Neimand- “Abode of the Highest Peace”

Amy Overley- “Transitions in Reincarnation”

Larry Pearson- “Quiet!”
Jean Pokorney- “I Really Love You Except When I want to Kill You”
Abigail Pope- “The Requiem”
Joshua Poteat- “Landscape with skull and Mockingbird”
Jessica Powell- “Fissures”
Freehand Profit- “Kicks to the Skull”

Carra Rose- “The Beginning of the End”
Melissa Rosen- “Love Your Brain”

Alyssa Salomon- “All the Same under the Skin & After it All”
Oura Sananikone- “Day of the Parasitic Man”
Scott Saw- “Glow Skull”
Noah Scalin- “386. Skull Appreciation Skull”
Chuck Scalin- “Tack-Y Skull”
Mica Scalin- “Stones”
Christy Schneider- “Sanctuary in My Mind”
Gretel Schwartzott- “Carta Obscura”
Suzanne Sheridan- “S.W.A.K.”
Adam Smith- “Do Drugs, Falcore”
Kim Spencer- “Duality”
Gordon Stettinius- “Nappy Hour”
Autumn Stewart- “Untitled”

Rob Tarbell- “Happy Birthday Noah”
Heide Trepanier- “Stretch”
Jud Turner- “Skull (Destroying to Create)”
Carolyn Tuttle- “Green Man”

Jake Urbanski- “Death of the Birds”

Zoo Valdes- “The Red Skull”
Nevena Velisavljevic- “Skullcap”
James Victore- “Get your Head out of Your Pod”

Elin Waterston- “ Jeannie”
Jenn White- “Aren't you sweet? ”
Amy Whitehurst- “ Captain Basura”