June 4, 2011

Larry Pearson- “Quiet!”

Larry Pearson- “Quiet!” $200.00

Larry Pearson learned to weld in 1979 working in Des Moines,IA. He first learned to TIG and MIG weld aluminum running boards. Larry's next employer offered him the opportunity to do custom fabricating for other companies. One of the memorable projects was to TIG weld the seat frames and many other parts for the Super Man ride in Orlando, FL. In 2000, he was employed as a personal welder, fabricator and metal artist for a Commercial Real Estate investor. He created everything from the brackets needed for the natural gas service to Chandeliers in "The Barn". During this period, Larry began to use his free time to create metal art pieces for friends and family as a hobby. In June of 2007 Larry became a full time artist and now runs Pearson Metal Art in Radcliffe, IA.

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