June 21, 2011

Exhibit Now Open at Gallery 5 through July 9, 2011

Thank you to Gallery 5 in Richmond, VA for providing the space to make the 2011 Skull Appreciation Day exhibition happen. All the 2011 Skulls are currently on display at Gallery 5 through July 9, 2011. While on display at the gallery please contact Gallery 5 directly for information on purchasing the artwork.

About Gallery 5:

Gallery5 is a community oriented, socially motivated art gallery and performing art center in Richmond’s Historic Jackson Ward. The gallery opened its doors in 2005 in an effort to save the life of a National Historic Landmark known as Steamer Company No. 5.

Gallery5 is very proud of their contribution to revitalizing the historic Jackson Ward neighborhood, and to the many artists and arts organizations that call the area home. Gallery5 is paving the way for positive community change through numerous campaigns, educational workshops, public arts collectives and grassroots collaborations.
Gallery5 is highly recognized and supported in the community as a result of the hundreds of collaborations that they have made throughout the years and because of their continued efforts to provide a free space for non-profits and socially diverse causes to promote their missions and hold fundraisers for their organizations.

June 4, 2011

Amy Whitehurst- “ Captain Basura”

Amy Whitehurst- “ Captain Basura” $35.00
Photographer Amy Whitehurst is currently working on her 365 project which involves photographing a snowglobe everyday for a year.

Amy documented the creation of her piece for the exhibit HERE.

Jenn White- “Aren't you sweet? ”

Jenn White- “Aren't you sweet?” $75.00

Elin Waterston- “ Jeannie”

Elin Waterston- “ Jeannie” $150.00

More of Elin Waterston's art can be found at http://www.elinwaterston.com/.

James Victore- “Get your Head out of Your Pod”

James Victore- “Get your Head out of Your Pod” $125.00

Nevena Velisavljevic- “Skullcap”

Nevena Velisavljevic- “Skullcap” $200.00

For information on purchasing this work please contact the exhibit curator at:

Zoo Valdes- “The Red Skull”

Zoo Valdes- “The Red Skull” $100.00

Marius Valdes was born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina. He received his BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Georgia and his MFA in Visual Communication from Virginia Commonwealth University. He has shown his artwork in exhibitions in Colorado, Georgia, Los Angles, South Carolina, and Virginia in addition to private and commercial commissions from across the United States.

Jake Urbanski- “Death of the Birds”

Jake Urbanski- “ Death of the Birds” $50.00

Carolyn Tuttle- “Green Man”

Carolyn Tuttle- “Green Man” $200.00

Jud Turner- “Skull (Destroying to Create)”

Jud Turner- “Skull (Destroying to Create)” $200.00

Jud Turner received training in drawing and painting at the University of Oregon, under Professor Ron Graff and the late Professor Frank Okada, both renowned artists and educators. In the early 1990's, he transitioned to sculptural works as his main artistic output, focusing on direct welded steel work and found object assemblages.

Currently, Jud lives and works in Eugene, OR with his beautiful wife, Melissa, and 3 cats. He spend as much time as possible welding, working, and laughing.

To see more on the process of creating this piece for the exhibit please visit HERE.

Heide Trepanier- “Stretch”

Heide Trepanier- “Stretch” $300.00

Rob Tarbell- “Happy Birthday Noah”

Rob Tarbell- “Happy Birthday Noah” $100.00

“Happy Birthday Noah” is a gift and a theft or a borrow. I stole the idea from the stuffed-bear–in a balloon gift, borrowed some insertion methods from elaborate equipment supposedly needed to impregnate the balloon with a passenger and then the limited lifespan gave it life. The gradual deflation of the balloon slowly revealed and wrapped the skull while staying suspended above the present, as scene HERE.

For more work, completely unrelated to “Happy Birthday Noah”, go to robtarbell.com.

Autumn Stewart- “Untitled”

Autumn Stewart- “Untitled” $250.00

Autumn Stewart is a rising senior in the Craft and Material Studies Department at Virginia Commonwealth University focusing in metal. One of her many interests is repurposing old jewelry to create new works of art.

Gordon Stettinius- “Nappy Hour”

Gordon Stettinius- “Nappy Hour” $600.00

For information on purchasing this work please contact the exhibit curator at:

Gordon Stettinius' work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, his photography can be found in both private and public collections, and he is a winner of the 2009 Theresa Pollak award for Excellence in the Arts.

Kim Spencer- “Duality”

Kim Spencer- “Duality” $150.00

Kim Spencer is a designer who works and lives in Richmond, VA.

Adam Smith- “Do Drugs, Falcore”

Adam Smith- “Do Drugs, Falcore” $100.00

Adam Smith is an art director at 93 Octane in RVA. He also writes a humor blog - BadStockArt.com - which he thinks is funny. He also really loves his wife. She keeps it real. Really real.

Suzanne Sheridan- “S.W.A.K.”

Suzanne Sheridan- “S.W.A.K.” $50.00

Gretel Schwartzott- “Carta Obscura

Gretel Schwartzott- “Carta Obscura $200.00

Christy Schneider- “Sanctuary in My Mind”

Christy Schneider- “Sanctuary in My Mind” $200.00

Christine M. Schneider grew up in Colorado and graduated with a BFA in Illustration from the University of Kansas. Christy owns Yellow Pencil Studio, Inc., an illustration and design studio in Lawrence, Kansas.

Mica Scalin- “Stones”

Mica Scalin- “Stones” $150.00

Chuck Scalin- “Tack-Y Skull”

Chuck Scalin- “Tack-Y Skull” $275.00

Noah Scalin- “386. Skull Appreciation Skull”

Noah Scalin- “386. Skull Appreciation Skull” $365.00

Noah Scalin is the co-curator of the Skull Appreciation Day Exhibition and the creator of Skull-A-Day. See this additional post about this piece for more views and details about its construction.

Scott Saw- “Glow Skull”

Scott Saw- “Glow Skull” $250.00

For information on purchasing this work please contact the exhibit curator at:

Oura Sananikone- “Day of the Parasitic Man”

Oura Sananikone- “Day of the Parasitic Man” $200.00

For information on purchasing this work please contact the exhibit curator at:

Alyssa Salomon- “All the Same under the Skin & After it All”

Alyssa Salomon- “All the Same under the Skin & After it All” $75.00
Alyssa C. Salomon is an compulsive, albeit late rising, bird watcher, a frequent kayaker, an obsessive bread baker, and under the alias "P Swann", the host of the satirical, weekly radio show, Can’t Stop the Music, on WRIR 97.3FM. She lives and works along the Chickahominy River in Providence Forge VA.

Melissa Rosen- “Love Your Brain”

Melissa Rosen- “Love Your Brain” $125.00