June 4, 2011

Nicole Jurain- “ Juxtaposition”

Nicole Jurain- “ Juxtaposition” $175.00

For information on purchasing this work please contact the exhibit curator at:

The skull created for the exhibit is to showcase Corn and how much it has infiltrated into our society. The skull showcases what corn derivatives are in the air (invisible), in our food (hidden, citric acid, ascorbic acid, polysorbate 60 and 80) and our hygiene products (vitamin E, Glycerine, Acetal Alcohol). Anything we may purchase will most likely contain corn or a corn derivative.

CornFreedom.com was started to help gain understanding and awareness to a serious problem of corn intolerance which can cause many different reactions, from typical allergy responses to more serious Neurological shifts. These reactions can show up anywhere from 5 minutes after the exposure to a day after and discomfort can last up to 8 days.
Due to Corn not being one of the top recognized allergens, the majority of medical professionals do not realize that the majority of emergency medications, operating room medicines, hospital stay medications, and prescribed medications as well as over the counter medications all contain forms of corn in them unless specifically removed. For example, corn starch is the top ingredient in almost all over the counter medications; look in your medicine cabinet read the inactive ingredients.

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