2012 Featured Skulls

These skulls were featured in our one-day Skull Appreciation Day 2012 exhibition at Philadelphia's Mütter Museum.  Please click the individual skull for information about purchasing the piece.

Justin Lovorn- “Primitive Peace”
Abby Davis- “Freshly Dug Up”
Citizen Agent- “C-Note”
Dana Frostick- “Geopoliticus”
Meg Gandy- “Unloved”
Roman Zelgatas & Kristy Lee- “Livingston Skull”
James Victore- “Get your Head out of Your Pod”
Kelly Alder- “Untitled”
Zoo Valdes- “The Red Skull”
Kim Spencer- “Duality”
Adam Smith- “Do Drugs, Falcore”
Karen Mullins- “Weekend at Bernie’s”
Heather Addley- “Bloodline”
Terry Border- “Nut”
Sinead Giblin- “Cormac Ulfada”
Kit French- “Eye and I”
Anne Jennings- “Brained Glass”
Chuck Scalin- “Tack-Y Skull”
Jenny Kendler- “Vanitas (for Jan Van Huysum)”
Elizabeth Bambacus- “Life in Death”
Jenn White- “Aren't you sweet? ”
Melissa Rosen- “Love Your Brain”
Max Heinzel- “Atomic Caveman”
Abigail Pope- “The Requiem”
Autumn Stewart- “Untitled”
Mica Scalin- “Stones”
Alyssa Salomon- “All the Same under the Skin & After it All”
Freehand Profit-“Kicks to the Skull”
Larry Pearson- “Quiet!”
Carol Brown- “Happy Returns”
Ryan Cronin- “Skull with Wings”
Mike Egan- “The Skull of 77”
Thea Duskin- “Caligari's Cabinet”
Claudia Dersch- “Hamlet Said”
Meena Khalili-Clifford- “Match Head”
Jean Pokorney- “I Really Love You Except When I want to Kill You”
Gretel Schwartzott- “Carta Obscura”
Amy Overley- “Transitions in Reincarnation”
Dana Beaufait- “Treasure of the Minds Eye”
Stefan Bucher- “Person”
Bridget Camden- “Untitled”
Sheila Gray- “Buggin Skulliness”
Erich Lehman- “Mr. Sinister”
Matthew Lively- “Untitled”
Christy Schneider- “Sanctuary in My Mind”
Eric Collins- “What's Inside”
Jud Turner- “Skull (Destroying to Create)”
Please follow the link to the artist's page for the work that you are interested in purchasing. If you would like additional information or have questions about purchasing work please contact the exhibit curator at:
Madonna Dersch- “ConSkullation”
Fiona Jones- “El Jardin del Ray Muerto”

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